What we do

Our focus lies on helping organizations with the following:

At U-Diverse Coaching we have helped some of the biggest organizations in the world with different outplacement services and international career management programs. Our goal is to ensure that talented individuals can work in the best environments at some of the biggest organizations with our expertise and support. Here is how we help them:

  • Motivate and engage staff through career development activities
  • Improve retention of key staff, skills and experience
  • Facilitate positive exits for individuals whose future lies elsewhere
  • Develop talent to meet the organization’s future needs

For current employees

We don’t just work for organizations, but actively play a role in helping their employees as well:

  • We help current employees develop their career by improving their strengths and performance in your organization
  • We help international employees find a future after having worked in your company
  • We help your employees who are exiting your company to smoothly transition to new jobs and find a new orientation in the job market internationally
  • We motivate and engage your current staff and developing career plans for them

For laid-off employees

It is imperative that organizations help laid-off employees, and our goal is to help them transition into new jobs through the following:

  • We support laid-off employees by helping them transition to new jobs and redefine their career
  • We support individuals who are leaving the company
  • We offer CV reviews, job market orientation, networking strategies, negotiation skills, CV reviews, interview preparation, career evaluation, career guidance, and job search strategies.
  • We help former employees reorient themselves in the job market by helping them transition to new jobs.

International Outplacement Services

Our international outplacement services are designed to help businesses improve their productivity and motivate their existing employees. Most organizations don’t know this, but they can improve productivity by 63% and profit by 63% when they train their employees (Workforce Magazine, 2002). Here is what we can do for organizations with our international outplacement services:

  • Job search workshops for redundant staffs
  • One-on-one coaching for redundant staffs
  • Outplacement support for international individuals and executives


We aim to help make a difference for organizations, who stand to gain the following benefits from our international outplacement services:

  • Reduce stress for current and departing employees
  • Maintain healthy relationships and improve your employer branding reputation
  • Liability protection against disgruntled employees, leading toa decrease in lawsuit claims
  • Help current employees remain productive and show that they are committed
  • Develop positive career outlook for everyone

If you want to elevate your business and improve productivity, you need our international outplacement services.

One-On-One Talent Management Coaching

A lot of organizations don’t know this, but coaching produces a 529% return on investment and offers significant intangible benefits to organizations. (Metrix Global)

You can take your organization to the next level and reach a new level of productivity with our one-on-one talent management coaching, which is designed to offer the following:

  • Develop people who can move up when key employees are leaving
  • Help employees assess their career path and career options
  • Help international employees transition into new roles to increase the retention rate
  • Work on individual performance and develop key strengths of your international employees


There are obvious benefits to be gained from our one-on-one talent management coaching services, which provides the following:

  • Retain top talent by providing them a career path
  • Prepare your talent and succession pipeline
  • Offer a positive experience to your employees and boost your employer branding
  • Boost employees ‘engagement by offering them a meaningful career
  • Improve the retention of your key employees and high performers by developing their experience and skills

If you want improve productivity and motivate your employees, one-on-one talent management coaching from U-Diverse is the way to go.

Career and Talent Management Workshops

It is a well-known fact that organizations with engaged employees tend to significantly outperform those that don’t have motivated or engaged employees by over 202%. (Source: Gallup). At U-Diverse Coaching we help international employees develop their careers proactively and strategically. We offer tailored workshops for international employees to help advance their career by becoming international managers. Our goal is to ensure organizations can offer international executive careers are a realistic goal for all employees, and we help them out by offering the following benefits:

  • Increased employee motivation
  • Boost your employees’ job satisfaction and morale
  • Aid retaining employees

So, get in touch with U-Diverse Coaching today for career and talent management workshops.

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“After several months of deep dissatisfaction and unhappiness working in the accounting department of an important corporation, i was willing to find a career coach with whom i would have started a serious path for a radical change.I had the chance to work with Magali as a career coach for 6 months. It totally changed my professional perspective and plans for my future, with her i finally understood what i really wanted to do.”

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