Job search strategy

Are you looking for a new job abroad?

U Diverse will provide you with all the support you need as you search for your dream job. Even during times of uncertainty, rejection and low income, we will be there for you to ensure you stay empowered and positive all the way – assisting you to sharpen your resume, build a strong network, prepare for interviews, and define an effective job search strategy. U Diverse will empower you by helping you develop some extra confidence, sharpen your focus, and then improve your approach to your job search.


Find meaning in your career !

Take-Off: short-term!
6 Sessions
Personalized coaching notes
Strength-based assessment to develop your brand
Three sessions of 60 minutes
Role play
Personalized Feedback
First class: Long-term Potential!
12 Sessions
The package includes:
4 sessions per month to be renewed
A personal assistant to set you up
Free review of your cv and LinkedIn profiles
Personalized coaching notes
Inclusive: Complete package!
16 Sessions
Personalized coaching
12 sessions of 60 minutes
Weekly or bi-weekly
A personal assistant to set you up
Free review of your cv and LinkedIn profiles
One-on-one coaching sessions

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“Magali was my career coach when I was lost in my professional orientation and I couldn’t succeed in my interviews anymore. She helped me to be confident again and after only 1 month with her sessions, I found my actual job and some new professional goals.”

Anais P.