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Do you want to live and work in the Netherlands? Worried how to take the first step? Well, preparing for a job in the Netherlands that is radically different from your own is not an easy step. Adopting their language, culture and standard of living leave you nervous, scared and frustrated. If you don’t have the right network, information about their culture, but only have cross-culture differences and language barrier, you will face hurdles in every step.

Luckily, if you are looking to find your dream job, there are many great options available and one of the most successful one is ‘Exclusive Online Job Search course with a Private Coach’ on the 23rd of January 2019 or 6th of february

Get Your Dream Job!

One of the leading and renowned certified career, leadership, cross-cultural coach – Magali Toussaint offers 5 essential steps that will definitely help you to get your desired job in the Netherlands She has covered these 5 tips in a 5 week live online course, in which you will learn:

  • How to define ful job search profile?
  • Discover the right companies to work with
  • How to research your target companies
  • Create an effective job search strategy


Hosted by an International ICF certified leadership and cross-culture trainer, consultant and coach who has lived in the Netherlands for the past 10 years, this course is designed to help expats and highly skilled migrant to find a good care and job abroad.

  • If you are not happy with your career or stuck in a boring job or a highly skilled migrant or expat who have just moved to the Netherlands and looking for a career change, then without a second thought, register for this course now! This course will help you to be successful in your career despite the challenges of working abroad.
  • Getting a job in the Netherlands is not a matter of a few minutes or a few hours. It depends on the individual and the situations. Some can get a job immediately after the course and in some cases, it depends on the situation. The actual results are based on your targeting career, communication and right timing.
  • Without a source of income investing in course is quite difficult. But the best way is to look for a course at discounted rates. Sign up as soon as the price is low.
  • However, if you have a job, and thinking about why you should take this course then the answer is simple. If you are a professional looking for a new career line, then this course will definitely help you. As per the reports of Bureau of Labor, at the age between 18 and 48, people have had an average of 11.7 jobs. This indicates at a certain point in time, you look for a change in your career or a job change. According to which, this course can be quite helpful.

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Weekly live calls And Transform your Career in the Netherlands for Good!

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If you are also looking for the same, then join the 5-week course today and let the certified career and job strategist provides a job of your dream overseas.

Course Schedule



Week 1: Define a job search profile for the Dutch market

6:30 pm
In the first week, we will define a unique job search talking about your strengths, the environment in which you want to work. With a right mindset, we will visualize the right plan for the job search.



WEEK 2: MAKE A LIST OF COMPANIES in the Netherlands

6:30 pm
In the second week, we make a list of companies you are interested to work for. We build the list according to the company’s size and culture. You will learn to identify the key individuals and decision makers to reach.



WEEK 3 : Have a strong marketing and branding plan

6:30 pm
In the third week, we will work on developing strong branding, top-notch resume, marketing documents and top social media profiles.




6:30 pm
This week is all about developing the strong search strategy. Rather than sending CV to all and waiting for replies, we can let you know how to be proactive, work smart and have a clear plan to reach out to Dutch employers.




6:30 pm
The last, but not the least, we can help you to network in the Netherlands. After your profile is ready, we will show you how to find a job and find the right connections in the Netherlands. Learn to find new network and develop authentic relationships.


80% of available jobs are never advertised


On average, 118 applicants apply for one job


26.7% of external hires made by organizations came from referrals

90% of recruiting firms do a Google search on candidates

Meet with us

Magali Toussaint is the founder of U Diverse. She has international experience in recruitment and diversity. After years of adapting to unfit professional environments and under-using her talents, she changed things for the better. She finally stopped being the passive passenger of her own car and became the active driver behind the wheel. She now uses her strengths to help others find their true calling.

Magali is French, from Paris. She has lived in the UK and Australia and is now located in the Netherlands. She speaks fluent French and English, in addition to Dutch at intermediate to high level. She has a singular ability to initiate conversations in the most random places with the most reserved person in a room.

“Magali works with a network of multilingual coaches and consultants in French, English, Dutch, Spanish and Italian with various backgrounds combined their commitment, talents and global perspective with hard-won skills, making for a decidedly unique team profile.”

“To learn more, visit her Linkedin profile at


Here are the reasons for investing in this course.

This course is for those who are unhappy about their career and are ready to find a job they love. Whether you’re a busy professional who feels bored and stuck in your job, or a recent migrant who wants to do something meaningful in the Netherlands, this course will show you what you need in order to advance to the next level.
This course is for expats and highly skilled migrants who have just moved in the Netherlands or have been living abroad for a while. Whether you are a busy professional who is not happy in your job or someone who has not had any success in their job search so far, this course will show you how to be successful in your career despite the challenges of living in the Netherlands.

It depends on individuals. Some individuals have landed jobs within a month of working with us and some take more time, depending on their situation. The results will depend on who you are targeting, the quality of your communication and having the right timing.

I understand that without an income it may be difficult to invest in this course. But this new course is at a reduced rate and you will receive answers from a live coach. After this first time, the price will be higher, so sign up now! Think of it as an opportunity for your career. If you follow the steps and you are committed, you could reduce your period of unemployment to find some work sooner than expected.

You may not like your job anymore and want to find the right approach. This course is relevant for any professionals who are looking for a new career and want to stay marketable. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people have had an average of 11.7 jobs between the ages of 18 and 48. So at some point in your career, you may need to find a job and it is best to anticipate the change than being forced to change in desperation.

Take the unique opportunity to join this online live course.