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Are you stuck in your job search? Are you ready to get some results in your job search?


  • To look for a job is very confusing, exhausting and confronting, especially when you have to face constant rejection and disappointments. Does it seem what you have experienced so far?
  • You want to be proactive and strategic with your job search, but you’re not sure how to start and where to focus your energy and time?
  • You are struggling getting your story out there and showing your value. You have a lot to offer and you want to make it happen, but you are struggling to stand out in the application process?
  • You are adjusting your CV, Linkedin and cover letter based on what friends tell you to do and advice on the internet, but you end up being pretty confused?
  • You may be emotionally drained by this job search. You may not even get an interview or you may have invested a lot of time in interviews to be rejected. The process takes a lot of time and you are losing confidence and start to feel lonely?
  • You are not sure where to go to, you feel stuck by working so hard on getting this next opportunity without positive results that you may want to give up. You would like to have different results but you are not sure what to do and where to start?

Our job search group program will help you get different results, make some focused actions, regain motivation and confidence to help you find your dream job.


80% of the available jobs are never advertised


On average, 118 applicants apply for one job


26.7% of external hires made by organizations came from referrals

90% of recruiting firms do a Google search on candidates

Here is the program

  • You will meet every week with your coach and your group for 60 minutes and focus on the skills and feedback.
  • You will meet with your accountability partner to help you track progress.
  • You will complete assignments and specific actions in between meetings.

Here are the topics we will cover :

3 two sessions of 90 mins-01-01


This week is all about developing the strong search strategy. Rather than sending CV to all and waiting for replies, we can let you know how to be proactive, work smart and have a clear plan to reach out to Dutch employers.

3 two sessions of 90 mins-01-01


We will define a unique job search talking about your strengths, the environment in which you want to work. With the right mindset, we will visualize the right plan for the job search.

3 two sessions of 90 mins-01-01


We make a list of companies you are interested to work for. We build the list according to the company’s size and culture. You will learn to identify the key individuals and decision makers to reach.

3 two sessions of 90 mins-01-01


We will work on developing strong branding, top-notch resume, marketing documents and top social media profiles.

3 two sessions of 90 mins-01-01


The last, but not least, we can help you to network in the Netherlands. After your profile is ready, we will show you how to find a job and find the right connections in the Netherlands. Learn to find new network and develop authentic relationships.

3 two sessions of 90 mins-01-01


Focus on interviewing skills to convince the interviewers that you are a solution to their problem. Develop effective techniques to optimise your interview. Once you have an offer, negotiate based on your value.

Here is the program

If you join our job search group coaching program, you will get –

  • A clear strategy and plan to structure your search and time
  • Interactive and engaged sessions
  • A step by step process to help you make clear progress
  • You will have clear job search goal to focus on what is important for you
  • Increased confidence for focus on your unique branding
  • Increased motivation to make some focused actions
  • Concrete tools to rewrite your marketing material, resume, Linkedin profile and letter
  • Goals and a plan for your search, to help you structure your time and work smarter not harder
  • Increased network and support by practising with peers
  • Accountability, focus and insight from an international career coach with extensive recruitment experience in various sectors


The group will start when a minimum of 5 participants are interested. If you are interested, please send me an email at to get started.

The Financial investment

Your investment in the program includes access to –

  • An online platform
  • Group meetings
  • Access to course materials
  • Two 30-minute individual coaching sessions.

Early pricing : €689

Regular pricing: €815

Extra Plus 2 extra individual coaching sessions): €499 additional

Ready to go?


How long will it take before I get a job?

  • It depends on individuals. Some individuals have landed jobs within a month of working with us and some take more time, depending on their situation. The results will depend on who you are targeting, the quality of your communication and having the right timing.
  • I understand that without an income it may be difficult to invest in this program. But this new course is at a reduced rate and you will receive answers from a live coach. After this first time, the price will be higher, so sign up now! Think of it as an opportunity for your career.
  • If you follow the steps and you are committed, you could reduce your period of unemployment to find some work sooner than expected.
  • You may not like your job anymore and want to find the right approach.
  • This program is relevant for any professionals who are looking for a new career and want to stay marketable.
  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people have had an average of 11.7 jobs between the ages of 18 and 48. So at some point in your career, you may need to find a job and it is best to anticipate the change than being forced to change in desperation.

MEET with US

Our founder Magali Toussaint created Job Search group coaching to help clients globally after having worked many years with clients individually. She noticed that peer networking and support was missing in a one-on-one approach for her clients search. After 5 year in business, she was working with so many clients that decided to launch a group that many of her clients where asking for.

She has helped her clients :

Be more strategic and proactive in their job search. She has helped various professionals experience across internationally to get different results. As a result clients were more strategic and gained interviews and offers after working with her.

Help develop network. She helped her clients develop valuable network and focus on building relationships. In some cases, she matched clients with similar issues or industry to navigate the job process and exchange valuable network.

Stand out in the job application process and understand their value: She has helped clients who were undermining their value and focus on specific tools to make it happen. As a result, clients could negotiate better and get noticed in their job application process.

Erin eventually figured out a path forward after lots of trial and error, and once she started working as a career coach, she saw that many of her clients were wrestling with the same topics at about the same time in their careers.
So she started Job Search group coaching in 2019 to help mid-career professionals internationally to find and land their next opportunities. A group structure is perfect to benefit from support, share valuable information, accountability, support and stay motivated and focused which can be missing when working on your own.

If you think this program seem to be the right approach and that you are ready to commit and make some serious changes, join our group of like)minded professionals and start making some different results.


Why it works

This will be an intense program and fast paced to help you get traction. We will meet every week while focusing on specific action steps. We will provide you with the structure, tools and accountability to make things work.

The Journey:

We had an excellent briefing session with him, where he talked about his concerns and goals in detail. It was evident that he was unhappy with his current position. His technical skills were under-utilized in that position, which made him demotivated to work. Also, he didn’t see any growth in that position and hence wanted to switch his job.
He was very open and honest about his requirements. He wanted a more technical position with an increase in his salary within a period of 6 months. He was very well aware of the problem and hence initially started looking for another job himself. However, it didn’t go well for him, and then he decided to go for career coaching.
It helped that he was willing to improve his approach towards finding a job. In the first few sessions, he opened up about his fears and negative beliefs. These beliefs led him to believe he doesn’t have the personality that interviewers find interesting. His confidence drastically went down when he couldn’t find himself another job. However, he had the determination to adopt new beliefs and change his path for a better career.
We then customized a plan for him that included all aspects such as strategizing a targeted search, network building, contacting recruiters, and obtaining informational interviews. He helped us create a perfect strategy by giving us proper insights into the issues he had faced in the past. He prepared the work on time, implemented our advice, and reached the set targets during each session. His willingness to work towards the goals increased in every session.

End Result:

He gained back his lost confidence and learned to be more proactive with his communication. He could finally identify his capabilities and put them to good use. Despite going through such a stressful situation, he focused on positive qualities and built a bright future. By the end of our last session, I could see he had become very clear about his future and knew how to proceed further.

Is it for you?

This group coaching program isn’t for everyone. This program will fit if:

You’re a mid-career professional, between 5 and 15 years of experience
You have an international background, atypical profile or want to find a job abroad
You’re committed and will dedicate 5-10 hours per week on the job search process.
You are open to learning, change, new ideas and stretch to new ways of working thanks to coaching.
You would like to work and meet other like-minded professionals to help you get tractions and results.