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International organizations operating globally need to understand how different cultures function and what impact their organizational culture has when hiring employees or deploying them abroad. Global Businesses need to adapt to our changing nations to be competitive in the economic market. Many global organizations want to expand globally and hire internationally. The reality is that most international companies lack the knowledge and experience to retain and attract a diverse workforce.

They hire international candidates without a real plan. Global leaders do not know how to handle multicultural and complex environments. Teams lack trust and there are misunderstandings when organizations do not have inclusive environments to attract and retain international talented staffs. The business starts to lose profit and reputation, and may even lose the global market.

Here are three essential elements that prevent your organization from succeeding internationally:

1 decreased performance-01

Decreased performance when transitioning to a multicultural team and global context

2 miscommunication due to lack of trust-01

Slow progress and miscommunication due to cultural differences and lack of trust

3 disengagement-01

Lack of inclusion, disengagement and low career satisfaction, especially for international talents

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What we do

If you want to be successful internationally, you will need to develop a diverse and inclusive environment to attract and retain talents and remain competitive in the market. Our Cultural diversity coaching and training programs will help you:

  • Develop sustainable and long-term diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Support employees as they bridge cultural differences domestically or as expatriates abroad;
  • Promote understanding between people of all backgrounds, and increase inclusion;
  • Build team cohesion, prevent discrimination and foster a more positive work environment overall;
  • Increase flexibility, quicken adaptation, and improve communication and performance in multicultural environments;

Who Can Take Part

This program benefits both Organization and Individuals. Cultural diversity affects both of them and this program can help in instilling a sense of inclusion among them. In global organizations, ensuring cultural diversity is a must to develop an environment of inclusiveness.

  • Organizations who want to change the culture of the their organization to a more cultural inclusive environment
  • Want to prevent diversity issues in the workplace
  • Help employees facing discrimination
  • Helping employees who have issues accepting diversity
  • Senior leaders, executives and managers who want to develop diverse and inclusive culture
  • Recruiters and hiring managers who need to diversify their hiring pool


Here is why you global organizations would benefit from prioritizing diversity and inclusion for their businesses:

  • ‘Diverse Teams Outperform Non-diverse Ones by 35%’ – McKinsey Report
  • ‘Diverse companies bring 15 times more sales revenue than companies with lowest levels of diversity’ – ScienceDaily Report
  • ‘83% of millennials more engaged at work when they believe their company fosters an inclusive culture’ – Glassdoor Survey
  • ‘Diversity fosters more creativity and innovation in the workplace’ – Huffington Post
  • ‘57% of Employees Think Their Companies Should be More Diverse’ – Glassdoor Survey
  • ‘67% of candidates want to join a diverse team’ – Teamable Blog
  • ‘Inclusive companies enjoy 2.3x higher revenues’ – Josh Bersin
  • Our Diversity coaching along with diversity training provides holistic and unique lasting changes in your organization instead of quick fixed solutions.

Combining coaching as a blended part of a training or learning initiative is a powerful way to create results

Diversity coaching
Diversity coaching is a process that ensures long-term growth and implementation of your learning and provides you with the tools to create lasting and inclusive change for your organization.
Support employees to realize lasting change in the workplace behavior
Instrospective approach for lasting changes
Introspective discovery and personal acceptance
Help discovering fears and challenges when embracing diversity
Enable bias-free workplace
Help leaders and employees engage in ways that foster diversity and inclusion in the workplace
Diversity training
Training provides the specific knowledge, models and frameworks to develop insights on building a globally inclusive workplace.
Develop awareness
Develop knowledge
Facilitate exchange