Getting a job in a foreign country is one of the hardest things to do especially for professional adults. Transitioning from being a professional to gaining education to transition into a new career is hard for every individual and can be especially tough for transitioning into a new opportunity and education. The super competitive job market makes it even tougher for individuals to find a job in their respective field.

Our goal is to professionals with the knowledge and tools to find successful jobs and education in their respective fields and develop successful careers abroad.

So, how does an adult professional end up establishing a promising career after gaining professional education ?

At U-Diverse Coaching, we are helping professional adults transitioning their careers by continuing education with dedicated one-one-coaching that is designed to teach them all the basics. This training program is for the following individuals:

  • International MBA students
  • Professional adult reconversion

What we do

We understand how difficult it is for struggling adult professionals graduates to find their ideal career and education, and that is what we aim to do. Our goal is to ensure that international students with the following:

  • Find a successful education
  • Choose the best study courses for their career

Our experienced and trained staff will analyze all aspects of a student’s career and then set them on the path that will lead them to a great job and a promising career abroad. Here is what we offer our international professional adults who are reconverting to a new career:

1. Coaching sessions

At U-Diverse Coaching we want to be there for professional adults who want to transition to a new education and career. Therefore, we offer them with comprehensive coaching to give them the best chance to develop their education locally or abroad. We offer 3 separate coaching sessions that will target core areas that you need help in and give you the basic skills to find a successful education and succeed your next transition steps in a job in their career.

2. Educational guidance

Apart from the coaching sessions we also offer education guidance in separate packages to help people that are looking for consultancy on education. We can match international students and graduates with the best universities for them and help with their documents as well. They can learn the following:

  • Professional Education
  • University application assistance
  • Pre-Departure and Post Arrival guidance

Our experienced and trained staff have the credentials to provide authentic educational guidance to international students and graduates, to help them find success in their career.

3. Workshops

We also hold workshops for all international students and graduates, so that they can learn about the things that matter in their international career. Our goal is to not only make it easier for them to launch their career in a foreign land, but also find success internationally as well. Here is what we offer in our workshop training sessions:

  • Job and internship search
  • Cultural shock and intercultural communication
  • Career management
  • Networking
  • CV and LinkedIn

The workshops will teach international students and graduates about the essential skills they will need, once they find themselves in the international job market.

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“After several months of deep dissatisfaction and unhappiness working in the accounting department of an important corporation, i was willing to find a career coach with whom i would have started a serious path for a radical change. I had the chance to work with Magali as a career coach for 6 months. It totally changed my professional perspective and plans for my future, with her i finally understood what i really wanted to do.”

Valérie G.