Here is an overview of our coaching packages

Career transition

Find meaning in your career !

This package would suit you best if you want to transition into a new career that provides meaning and want to find where your strengths lie. This coaching package is best to help you explore new career options.

Job search

Job search

Get hired faster !

This package is best if you know what you are looking for but you do not know how to look for your dream job. This package will help you take a strategic approach toward your job search.

Cultural adaptation

Cultural adaptation

Thrive in your new country !

This package is best suited if you have moved to a new country and you have issue adapting to a new cultural environment. This package will help you adapt to a new place, settle and deal effectively with culture shock.

Executive & Leadership career coaching

Discover and develop your leadership style!

This package is best-suited for leaders and managers who want to get better insights into their leadership styles, who would like to find a job, and who want to get effective management styles.

Outplacement and Talent Management

At U-Diverse Coaching we have helped some of the biggest organizations in the world with different outplacement services and international career management programs.

Continuing Education for Professionals

Getting a job in a foreign country is one of the hardest things to do especially for international students and graduates. Transitioning from student life to a full time job is hard for every individual and can be especially tough for international students and graduates.

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