Magali Toussaint

International experience :

Magali Toussaint is an international consultant, coach and trainer based in the Netherlands with a background in talent acquisition, education and entrepreneurship. Of British and Caribbean descent, she grew up in France but moved away shortly after her schooling to live in the United Kingdom and then Australia before settling in the Netherlands a decade ago. Her experience with diversity is not only personal but also academic, as her master’s degree in the management of cultural diversity attests.

Diversity :

Ultimately, it has shaped a rich, textured perspective that embraces diversity in all its forms. “Culture shapes the framework, but not who you are,” she says. “It might be idealistic, but that’s how I see it.” Unconventional, intense, unique. These are just some of the words people use when describing Magali. Celebrating life outside the box means embracing her contradictions as well. Her street smarts along with her book smarts, her traditional side as well as her need to challenge the status quo, her strength and her sensitivity, her love of solitude and her desire to meet new people, being a woman of the world but still a proud parisienne.

Obstacles :

Through it all, however, one can sense Magali’s incredible drive. A born fighter, she likes to say, “Your pain is your gift.” Whether it was supporting her relatives emotionally from a young age or throwing herself into unfamiliar cultures, she hasn’t ever shied away from challenging situations. In fact, being told she can’t do something only spurs her to work harder.

Talent :

U Diverse truly is the natural progression of a journey begun long ago. Throughout her career, Magali has come across the challenges expatriates all over the world encounter—cross-cultural adaptation, culture shock, encountering different mindsets and approaches to work. She has had her own share of career dissatisfaction and experienced years of feeling under-utilised and unappreciated. Combined with a passion for learning and a genuine concern for others—the personal touch she brought to her recruitment work—her background and professional history have enabled her to help companies and professionals across the world create lasting change.

Multicultural team :

She works now with a team of international and multilingual ICF-trained coaches, professional trainers and experienced consultants with different areas of expertise and backgrounds to relate to and support even more global leaders, teams and professionals.

Keynote speaker

Magali gives regular keynotes on diversity, international talent acquisition, career and leadership.

Certifications & credentials

CIPD certification in Human Resources Practices

Certified ICF coach

Masters, Cultural Diversity Management from Tilburg University

Certified Executive and Leadership Development Coach

Career Management Coach

Strengthscope accredited

Cross-cultural Trainer