U Diverse is where expats achieve their career globally

U Diverse is where global expats and organizations achieve their goals internationally

Benefits For You

Develop your strengths, clarify your career goals and define a clear job search strategy or adjust to a new country abroad. Benefit from tailor-made and thorough coaching programs and achieve your goals internationally.


Grow Talents and Career Internationally

The cost of employee turnover is in average 13 000 € (13,000 $). Increase satisfaction and, consequently, engagement and retention of key talent and reduce your turnover cost by 70 % per employee with coaching


Develop your global executive and leadership skills

Become more effective, productive, and successful in your new cultural and international context; leadership coaching delivers an ROI of 5.7 times the cost.


Boost productivity

Companies who combine coaching with training increase employee productivity over 80% as suggested by Bureau of Justice statistics, June 2001.


Increased career satisfaction

Boost your job satisfaction with our coaching program as coached executive witness a greater job satisfaction by 52% . Set your career goals, build a roadmap to your future and build career confidence.


People change careers 5 times in a lifetime

Financial Times

85% of People hate their jobs


58% of all the expats move abroad for better job prospects, new challenges or employer requests


76% believe their organizations need to develop global-leadership capabilities, but only 7% think they are currently doing so very effectively


About U Diverse

U Diverse was founded in 2014 by Magali Toussaint, an international career, leadership, cross-cultural coach, as well as a trainer with strong experience in Recruitment, HR, & Career Consultation. Experiencing the challenges expats and highly-skilled migrants face in their work and in the increasingly diverse and mobile work environment herself, she decided to offer services, which would help companies manage diversity better and transform it from a limitation into an asset. She has selected a team of highly qualified international coaches and trainers with diverse fields of expertise and backgrounds. Read more about the team here.

Meet with us

Magali Toussaint is the founder of U Diverse. She has international experience in recruitment and diversity. After years of adapting to unfit professional environments and under-using her talents, she changed things for the better. She finally stopped being the passive passenger of her own car and became the active driver behind the wheel. She now uses her strengths to help others find their true calling.

Magali is French, from Paris. She has lived in the UK and Australia and is now located in the Netherlands. She speaks fluent French and English, in addition to Dutch at intermediate to high level. She has a singular ability to initiate conversations in the most random places with the most reserved person in a room.

“Magali works with a network of multilingual coaches and consultants in French, English, Dutch, Spanish and Italian with various backgrounds combined their commitment, talents and global perspective with hard-won skills, making for a decidedly unique team profile.”

To learn more, visit her Linkedin profile.

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What our Clients say

Is Coaching for You?

“I think anything is possible if you have the mindset and the will and desire to do it and put the time in.”
– Roger Clemens

We work with a network of international coaches who are ICF-trained and speak a number of languages. Our typical clients want to have a successful and satisfying career abroad aligned to their own authentic values. They are highly-skilled professionals, managers, directors, executives with experience working abroad or who would like to work abroad or who have international experience.

Our successful clients are Honest, hardworking, committed, open-minded, consistent, motivated, positive, optimistic, persistent, authentic, determined, proactive, solution-oriented, collaborative, kind, take responsibility for own actions and success, long term perspective, independent, kind, and reflective.

We are helping them:

  • Look for a successful career abroad while having to start from scratch.
  • Deal with a Career transition/Discovery because they are currently unhappy in their current employment and work environment.
  • Define a strong job search strategy since they may have no strategy or plan, which stops them from being successful in their search or they may not be able to sell themselves in interviews.
  • Deal with cultural transition since they are moving to another country and are experiencing cultural shock.


  • You are willing to work towards change
  • You are able to reflect on yourself
  • You are proactive
  • You take responsibility for your own actions and success
  • You want to take actions which will bring you a long-term perspective


  • You are looking for a quick fixed solution
  • You are expecting that the coach does all the work
  • You are not willing to invest some time in coaching
  • You want us to write your CV
  • You have a passive attitude


  • Find out where your strengths lie and explore career options
  • Boost your personal and global leadership and confidence
  • Cope with cultural differences while working abroad
  • Find your career purpose, passion, and motivation
  • Boost creativity in your career
  • Explore new career options
  • Transition successfully to a new country
  • Find the right job abroad and develop effective strategies for your job search
  • Have a strong career brand with the right resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letters
  • Develop authentic relationships and networks to find your dream job
  • Interview and negotiate effectively to get your dream job and boost your compensation package